Kumho Solus KR21 Tire Review

Kumho Solus KR21 Tire Review, 3.0 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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Rating: 3.0/5 (10 votes cast)

The Solus KR21 from Kumho is engineered to deliver all-season traction and a higher level of handling, as well as a smooth and more quiet ride. Built for drivers of coupes, sedans, minivans, crossover and SUV’s, the KR21 features a longer treadlife and lower price than many of its competitors in this class.

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An advanced all-season carbon tread compound provides excellent dry and wet grip. A computer-optimized tread pattern sports a continuous center rib and independent tread blocks on the shoulders to enhance dry surface cornering traction and straight-line stability. It also produces more responsive steering and better overall feel in all types of driving situations.

Four circumferential grooves and sweeping lateral grooves enhance wet handling and reduce the risk of hydroplaning. Kumho’s full-depth sipes are designed to provide lifetime effectiveness and provide the biting edges that improve traction on wet and snow covered roads. Winter performance is very good on this model, which is often mentioned by other drivers.

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  • Excellent dry and wet traction
  • Ride is very comfortable and quiet
  • Treadlife could be just a little better

Inside the tire you will find two steel belts that incorporate nylon belt edge layers for increased strength and stability. Generally speaking, this type of reinforcement is only used in high performance tires. A polyester cord body provides added comfort, while ESCOT technology further enhances handling and steering response by increasing tension in the bead and shoulder area of the tire. Kumho offers sizes from 13-19 inches, and includes an 85,000 mile tread guarantee.

The Solus KR21 has shown itself to be a more than capable touring all-season tire. It sports impressive dry and wet traction on all types of road surfaces. Handling and cornering are what you would expect on a high performance tire. It grips the road and the responsive steering provides good feel. We’d go as far to say that handling and stability are among the better tires in this category. Traction on snow and ice is above average this tire. It handles both light and deeper snow about as good as an all-season tire can. Ride comfort is another strong area for this tire. It drives smoothly and you don’t feel all the bumps along the way. Beyond that, expect a very quiet ride.

Treadlife is good, but we would like to see just a bit more out of it. We’ve heard a few drivers mention getting less miles than the 85,000 mile warranty provides.

Overall, while we like the Michelin Defender and Yokohama Optimo H727 as the best in this class, the KR21 is right there behind them. For the lower cost, 85,000 mile warranty and excellent value, this is a tire that we highly recommend.

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